Orange Skirt + White Turtleneck Crop Top with Cardigan












I originally wanted to name this post ‘Windy City Problems’, because I was all over the place just trying to take one photo! But, I have to say, I love it in Chicago! Honestly, in the beginning, I was really home sick and wanting to run home every chance I had. The more and more I explore the city, and make new friends, I absolutely admire each corner and street of Chicago. This city has brought me so many new opportunities and excitement, I don’t even know where to begin telling you. I use to be sad from the thought of coming here, but this whole past week I have been thinking about my childhood, and who I am now and who I was, and how I came about to where I am today… it’s scary, we grow up so fast. I remember sitting in the trunk of my Dad’s forest green Ford Explorer, and playing tarzan on my lime green game boy, trying to collect bananas, and I looked up, and away from my game boy and saw big, tall buildings of Chicago. Nothing ever grabbed my attention when it came to me and my game boy! I set my game boy down, jumped up, and stared out the window like the kid I was, and admired the details of Chicago.  This is where my dream of living in Chicago started. At that moment, I told myself, “One day I want to be in Chicago, and I want to work in these tall buildings.” Ever since, I never gave up on this dream, and I never shared this story with anyone. Whenever someone asks me, “Why Chicago?”, “Why are you leaving me to go to Chicago? What’s there?!”, “How could you leave me and go to Chicago and be selfish”- it isn’t a matter about leaving anyone, or being selfish… I listened to the kid in my heart, and followed where life took me. Chicago was one of our family weekend getaway spots; the more and more I visited, the more the thought of me living in Chicago grew. Coming here was tough, but when I had a moment to finally clear my head, and remember who I was, who I want to be, and where I want to go, and I remembered why this all even started. I feel like I will always remain a little girl in my heart– chasing my dreams, and turning them into reality. Call me selfish, but nothing and no one will ever stop me from achieving my dreams. My parents always encouraged me to do what my heart wants and what makes me happy. They’ve spoiled me so much growing up, and making them proud everyday will always be my goal, and finding new ways to let them know: you taught me well.  

For this Fall inspired outfit, here are the details:

Turtleneck Crop Top: H&M
Skirt: Shein (Sheinside) (old)
Cardigan: Forever 21
Shoes: Zara
Statement Necklace: Shein (Sheinside)
Long Necklace: Patrizia Pepe (from Florence, Italy) 
Bracelet: The Amna Ali Boutique (here)
Bag: Forever 21

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