Last Minute Gift Idea for Her




I know how it feels when you’re lost shopping and have no idea what to get your friends! This is a great gift idea even for your girlfriend, mom… really, any girl! All you need is make-up and a box. 

For the box, you can use any type! Even a plan cardboard box would work perfect! I know any craft store you go to you will find plenty. You can spice up the gift idea with a make-up box that has multiple compartments, a traveling case, or acrylic make-up storages.

Next, all you need is make-up! You can go anywhere to find make-up, drug stores, Sephora (my favorite place to shop for make-up!), Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and so many more! There’s a link below for make-up ideas, what types of make-up to get, and you can also buy it online from the link! Below are some of my favorites pieces I picked out, and most of them I already have and love! Honestly, you can never go wrong with make-up. It’s a girl’s best friend and any girl will love it! A girl can never have too much make-up! But she can have too little! (hehe)

One of my favorite eye-shadow brands is ColourpopAmazing pigmentation and SO SPARKLY!
You cannot go wrong with Colourpop! 

Now, all you need to do is put the make-up in the box and wrap it up! If you use a simple box, you can add in colorful tissue papers while putting it together. Instead of just buying make-up, placing it in a box makes it a lot more cuter and more fun to receive! Go crazy with the idea, add as much as you want to it, decorate the box, be the artist! Whoever is receiving this gift is one lucky girl.

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