Happy New Year’s from New York

Happy New Year’s Everyone!

This year I had a wonderful opportunity to spend New Year’s in New York with my family & friends. It was absolutely beautiful. Times Square was crazy fun! Wall Street was just WOW! Fifth Avenue was my kind of world! And the rest… see for yourself! This post has some of my favorite shots of the thousands of pictures I took in New York.

 In the photos in the beginning, you will see me and my family & friends with balloons. I read somewhere the idea of “putting your worries in a balloon and letting it go” and I believe there couldn’t be a more perfect time than this night to do this. It’s a new year and a chance to start fresh. I said all my worries I ever had in 2014, anything that bothered me, people who moved on from my life and hurt me in the past, and so much more. I have come so far and getting closer to my goals each day & achieving my dreams. When I thought of everything bad, I realized how much good came from it also. I let the balloons go, and I held onto the good and set the bad free.

And I spread the love around! I told my family & friends… and random people I didn’t know on the streets to do the same! A sweet girl I met on the streets thanked me because she said it made her feel lighter, and that I let the balloons go with her made her feel she’s not alone even though I was a stranger to her. It’s shocking how something so small can bring so much peace in the inside. And I encourage you to do the same this week if you haven’t already! Let all the bad go!
It’s a new year, a new beginning… make 2015 your year!

Wishing you the best year and many, many more to come!

Thanks for reading!