Hair Styles & Brynn Rose Boutique

Happy Monday Everyone! To start the week off, I have plenty of hair-style ideas for Valentine’s Day (as promised!) and really, any occasion! One thing about me: I love bows! and lately, I have been into gold glitter bows. I see them everywhere in pictures, instagram, and I love how others style them! So, I did the same. Brynn Rose Boutique, a etsy boutique by Natalie Leong, sells beautiful bows in all sizes and for all ages! I found my perfect gold glitter bow from her shop! And I styled it in many different ways:

Halo Braid:


hairstyle4        hairstyle5

This hair-style you can do yourself but it will be easier if you have someone do it for you! Grab a section of your hair from the front left or right corner. Begin to braid across your head. Once you have reached to the other side of the head, continue to braid using all your hair. When you have finished braiding until the bottom, wrap the rest of your hair that is braided around your head behind the top braid (as a halo) and pin the end tucked in behind the top braid. Here is a video I found on youtube you can follow!

Half-hair Braid:


This one is a bit simpler. Make two braids from each side and continue to the back of your head. When both braids meet, add in your bow clip!

Donut Bun (bow styled two different ways):


For this style, I used a donut to make the bun. And the bow is clipped on the top or bottom of the bun. To see how to make a donut bun, click here for a video tutorial I found on youtube.

Jasmine Hair-style:


And this is probably the easiest! I just made a low ponytail and in the middle tied another hair-tie and clipped on the bow! And that’s it!

All the hair-styles were styled with Brynn Rose Boutique’s Glitter Hair Bow! The glitter bow adds to the hair-style – it definitely makes it stand out! Visit Brynn Rose Boutique here and you can purchase one too at a great place! Each bow is handmade by Natalie Leong and they are amazing quality! I use mine so often, for the price & quality, you’re getting a steal!

If you loved the hair-style or have anything to add in, please leave a comment below and let me know! I’d love to hear from you! Thank you for reading!