Flawless: I Woke Up Like This!

Today’s post is about my New Year resolution & making this my year.

I know since the holiday’s I’ve let myself go! I lived it up right after graduation and now it’s time to get back in shape! This post shares everything I did & will continue to do to get back in shape. I use to be over 220lbs a long while back but I spent months in the gym and changing my eating habits & lifestyle… and honestly, I had never felt better and happier! And this weight slowly creeping back on makes me want to go back to the gym and work harder than I ever have! It’s sad how different people treat you when you’re overweight and it makes you feel so insecure. I put all of this in the past and started fresh! A whole new me but with more confidence and always smiling! Being in shape not only makes you feel better in the inside but you have more energy! It makes you want to get up and go outside and play! You’re a lot more active and you’ll hear yourself say “no” a lot less too! The junk food is not even worth it because the feeling you get after a great work out is priceless.

The key to dropping those pounds is what you eat and how you exercise. A majority of it has to do with what you eat. Have you ever heard of the saying ‘you are what you eat’ ? It’s true! If you eat a donut, you’re going to look like one! (no offense, hehe)  I don’t believe in crash dieting, taking those crazy pills, I do it the healthy way so it stays off! I started the Vi challenge. All this is, is drinking protein shakes twice a day along with a healthy meal and snacks throughout the day. The protein is by Vi called the Vi Shape. If you google Vi Challenge or body by Vi it will come up!

As for exercising… see for yourself what’s in my gym bag!


I box! & I also run on the treadmill! I get bored on the treadmill very easily even with music, so I need to change up my exercises. I box at Title Boxing Club in Polaris. It is by far THE BEST workout you will ever have! I attend the power hour classes and leave completely covered in sweat each time. The trainers’ there are absolutely amazing! They push you to keep going until the last minute, and not only am I working out my arms but it’s a full body workout.

So, my New Year resolution is to make this my year. I get back in shape for myself, I continue to do what I love, chase everything I have ever wanted, and make my dreams come true. And YOU can do the same!

“Believe in yourself and the world is yours.” -no idea, I just made it up.

Shirt: Calais Apparel
Jogger Pants: Khol’s

Bag: Louis Vuitton
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: Michael Kors
Headphones: Diamond Tears
Headbands: Under Amour
All other title boxing gear & pre-workout: Title Boxing Club

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Thanks for reading! Happy Friday Everyone!