Femme Luxe aka your One Stop Shop

Let’s admit, if it’s not Amazon, we pay attention to the shipping & handling fee and add random items to our cart just to meet the minimum for free shipping. Guilty? I know I am! We would rather pay $9.99 for another item than pay for the shipping. Truthfully, I like buying at a place when I can find everything I want and only have to place one order, and that way I don’t have to worry about several packages arriving or keeping track of them… AND I know I’ve probably met the bare minimum for free shipping! Recently, an online store I came across where I was able to find everything (of quality!) was Femme Luxe. I placed my first order recently and regardless the fact it was international shipping it arrived in a little over a week. I order a variety of different items; from date night to lounge wear. Here are 3 looks I created:

1. Date Night

I absolutely love the style and fitting of this wine belted bodycon midi wrap dress! The color is just gorgeous. The material I was a bit hesitant to order this because of the size not fitting, but their clothes are a bit stretchy and this fit me perfectly! After all, this was a body-con dress. I love how it shaped my body and I could easily adjust the dress to be an on- or off- the-shoulder dress. This dress is sophisticated and classy – you can wear this for a girl’s night out, date night, or a formal dinner.

2. Lounge-Wear

This grey lounge-wear set is on sale for only $20! That’s a steal! This set is so comfy; I even wore this out when I went grocery shopping and received compliments on it! My friends on FaceTime said I looked dressed up but so cute and comfy that it made them want to hang up and go dress up.

3. Street Style & Lounge-Wear

So, this is really a khaki crop lounge-wear set that I slayed out in the city! Honestly, more than the top I loved the pants so much I wear them all the time with different tees or sweatshirts and sneakers. They’re by far the softest pants I own now! These are on sale on their website right now for $18.39!

My honest opinion of Femme Luxe? I recommend ordering from their website. I am big on quality, and being able to wear clothes for more than one occasion and styling outfits in different ways, and Femme Luxe met my expectations. I’m so happy with what I ordered and looking forward to my next order soon! Maybe next time a try-on haul video?