DIY: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Happy Friday Everyone! Here are some quick & fun Valentine’s Day gift ideas for anyone! I made it for friends, my partner in crime, and my family members!

An overview of the gift ideas: Bouquet of Chocolates, Messages in a Candy Jar, and Homemade Mugs (either you can do it together as a fun project (like I did!) or you can make them both and give it as a gift!)

Bouquet of Chocolates:





To make this, what you need is:

➵ Tissue Paper (any color, pattern!)
➵ Tall Vase
➵ Ribbon
➵ Decoration Sticks (like the heart ones I have in the picture!)
➵ Plain wooden sticks (to tape the candy onto & stick in the bouquet)
➵ Plastic Bag (I used clear treat bags, this works & looks a lot better!)
➵ Candy Bars of your choice!
➵ Small candy to put in the bottom of the vase. (I used Valentine’s Day colored candy corn and sweet-tarts work best also!)

Start out by using a clear treat bag or plastic bag (whichever you chose) and place it in the vase. You might need to use something skinny like a butter knife to get the plastic bag to go all the way down if you used a small vase like mine. Fill it up with your smaller candy like sweet-tarts or candy corn! then push the top part of the plastic bag down so nothing else can get in. Place in tissue paper on top and play around with it until you love the way it looks! (It may look funny in the beginning but once we get the candy bars in there and the decoration it all starts coming together!) Next, place in the decoration in the vase. Tape the candy bars to the wooden sticks and place them also in the vase! And that’s it! You’re done!

Next is the Messages in the Candy Jar:



To make this, you need:
➵ A Jar
➵ Fun-size Candy
➵ Paper & a Pen

This is really easy to make and fun for friends & especially boyfriends/girlfriends! Begin to fill up the jar with candy and every few pieces of candy you put in, place a message folded up in the jar. Continue to put candy until the jar is filled up to the top. And that’s it! This is such a  fun idea, every time the person runs into a message… it makes it fun for them while they enjoy the candy!

Decorate a Mug:




All you need is a Plain Mug & Sharpie Markers! And of course, an oven!

Make sure the mugs are washed & dry them clean before you begin. You can do this with someone or make it as a gift. I made it as a fun project and something we can do together! He made mine & I made his! You can decorate the mug with sharpie markers however you would like. When you’re done, preheat the oven to 350 degrees and once the oven is ready, place the mugs in the oven for 20 minutes. Next, carefully take it out and let it cool down. Make sure to wash them once again before you use them! And the mugs are ready!

Hopefully this gives you ideas for your Valentine’s Day gifts! It is really simple and quick to do! I hope you enjoyed the Valentine’s Day gift ideas! Thank you for reading!




P.S. here are some gift ideas you can purchase!