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Day on the Cruise Ship

Day on the Cruise Ship

Blue Skirt and TOPSHOP Pink Lace Top | Cruise to Bahamas



Happy Saturday! I swear I am terrible sometimes with posting on time (but I am getting better!). But I have SO much coming on my page very, VERY soon! I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but if you follow my Instagram stories, you may already know! Anyways, this was one of my FAVORITE outfits I wore on the cruise ship! I received SO many compliments on it, too! The entire day was at sea, coming back from Bahamas and on our way to Miami, FL. I wanted something comfy, but cute, and if I decided to go in the pool something that would be easy to change in and out of. You probably couldn’t tell, but I was wearing my swimsuit under the skirt and top! During the day we were in the casino, went for lunch, then headed to the pool. This couldn’t have been a more perfect outfit for the occasion! Honestly, the only thing about this outfit was if anyone was close to me, they were stepping on the bottom of my skirt. Surprisingly, it didn’t get dirty, but getting pulled back while walking sometimes wasn’t the most exciting moment. Overall, it was worth it! I LOVED walking around in this skirt!

During the end of summer sale Akira had, I found this skirt. It’s an open-leg flowy baby blue skirt, and I paired it with a top from Top Shop my sister got from London for me. I love the pastel colors, and blue and pink combination. And YES, my hair is blue! A week before my birthday, I decided I wanted to do something fun with my hair. If you’re in Chicago and need a good hair salon to go to, I highly recommend No. 1 Salon Chicago located in China Town. I can be picky and when it comes to my hair it takes a lot for me to love it. The last time I had my hair cut was almost a year and a half ago because that’s how disappointed I was from my previous experience.

This isn’t a paid advertisement (and even if it was, I would be 100% honest) and they might not ever know I wrote about my experience at their salon on my blog, but I was surprised how amazing my experience was from the minute I walked in until I left the salon! I still tag them in my posts on Instagram! You can search for their Instagram account and see before and after photos they post regularly.

If you’re thinking about getting your hair colored blue or purple, be prepared for a 4-6 hour appointment. Yes, that’s how long it will take anywhere you go, and because the process to bleach your hair then deposit color takes a while. It’s the waiting 30 minutes for the color to deposit and bleach to strip the color off your hair that takes the longest. After a month, the blue did start coming off and I decided to buy a box-dye (is that what it’s called?!) or over-the-counter/drug store hair-dye to touch up the blue (and I just did this the other day!) and looks exactly how it did when I first left the salon. It didn’t dry out my hair or anything either with the box-dye, and I only needed a little bit of it, too. And, i’m not sick of the blue hair… yet! I don’t think I will get to that point anytime soon either!

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I know Summer is over and it’s time to get into the Fall spirit! (I’ll still rock it with the blue hair!) I can’t wait to share with you Fall outfits and makeup tutorials! And I still need to figure out what I am going to be for Halloween! Have you picked out your outfit yet!? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you’re being this year for Halloween!

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