Hello beautiful! Today's look is a fun, colorful outfit that's perfect for a sunny day! I just love combining opposite colors together! This outfit I wore during the week for a day out shopping and going out for lunch at Fabian's, a Chicago style pizza place in Columbus, Ohio.

Sometimes simple is the way to go. My days are usually very busy and I would be lying if I said I can dress up cute everyday and look stylish every time I walk around the door. On days where I can't get up and I am completely worn out from working, I run to my black pants and a solid color button down top. It's simple, comfortable and quick. I just add a bit of accessories to dress it up. A watch, a bangle and statement earrings is all I need. No one is perfect and everyone gets tired but even on those days if you can do one small thing to dress up your outfit, it makes a <strong>big</strong> difference.

I love anything oversized! Tees, pants, cardigans... but minus shoes because the shoe needs to fit! I love a comfy look and feel. If I can walk out the door being comfy <strong>and</strong> stylish at the same time, I am down! Now, I wouldn't put comfy before style but if I can do both, then <em>it's a yes!</em> When I think comfy, a roomy pair of drawstring pants instantly comes to my mind. I put the two together with a cardigan in this outfit. To elevate my style, I wore a pair of sandals with a bit of height. Even with my comfy clothing, I can rock it out with my choice of shoes. I still have the "I do care" attitude and comfort at the same time. I dressed it up with layered necklaces and a statement ring.

Sometimes when you're the most comfortable, you're the most confident. For me, I am most comfortable in a pair of boyfriend fit jeans and an oversized cardigan with my hair down. Because with denim, you can never go wrong! It never goes out of style! I love wearing loose clothing because I can be more free and move around. I don't worry about anything and well... I can just be me.