All Black

Happy Holidays lovelies! The holidays are right around the corner (and for some, it’s already started!), and I wanted to show a fun, sexy, yet classy outfit you could wear for the holidays! It’s perfect for work, for date night, a night out with the girls… really, anything! Can you ever go wrong with black? I doubt it!

So, my story to this outfit is really silly…  my skirt was a bit too short and I didn’t feel it was appropriate for work, but I really wanted to wear the skirt. So, I was coming up with clever ways to make it longer… luckily, I found a black slip in my closet. It was way too long, so I pulled it all the way up so it would come right under the skirt, making the top of the slip all the way above my chest! It actually looked really cute! And because it was pulled up all the way, it looked like a strapless silk top! I threw on a gold bow metal belt, and pulled my whole outfit together. I wore black leggings underneath, with a black blazer on top. It’s been way too cold in Chicago for me to go bare! I wore it to work, and right after out to an event with the girls, and later at night, for dinner. It just felt so right. This outfit made me feel strong, confident… an outfit is a pretty powerful thing!


| outfit details | : top: read my story above! 😉  ・  skirt: romwe  ・  blazer: express  ・  sheer tights: jcpenney  ・  belt: somewhere on amazon, search metal gold belt.   ・  necklace: patrizia pepe (from italy)   ・  watch: kate spade   ・  bracelet: the amna ali boutique   ・  shoes: bcbg   ・  bag: kate spade

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