Hi, my name is Amna Ali Khan.  I graduated in December 2014 from The Ohio State University from the College of Engineering, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. So, how did this blog even come into the picture? My graduation gift from my dad was a DSLR camera. The day I graduated, I started my blog. I wanted to document my life after graduation in this little corner, but quickly it turned into a fashion blog then into everything I love. I love fashion, make-up, being creative and sharing it with the world, and that’s what inspired me to create this blog. A little personal book about everything I love, things I do and make, and my style. I’m a sun and fun loving person who drinks lots of tea! I am all about being free; go where your heart can take you, follow your dreams, spread your wings… be who you’ve always wanted to be.

Growing up I have always loved dressing up, fashion, and anything colorful! This is also why my favorite color is rainbow; I believe there’s beauty in every color (even if rainbow isn’t really considered a color!) I can’t just pick one! When I was in elementary school, my parents told me I would refuse to go to school unless my two pony tails were symmetrical and my dress was pretty and ironed. Soon, middle school and high school came and I felt a bit lost. I knew nothing about fashion, and I was an extremely overweight girl. I remember going to the doctor and listening to him saying something along the lines of ‘if I don’t manage my weight I could become diabetic’ because of obvious reasons, and because of my family history. Before graduating high school I knew this had to change. I was a bit scared – I spent almost a year changing my lifestyle and dropping near 70 lbs. I finally could fit into so many clothes and I was open to wearing different yet unique styles; I would try on the craziest outfits, but it actually looked so cute on! That’s when I fell in love with fashion. I would get excited every time I go shopping, because I knew if I go into a store things would fit! Every time I dressed up, my friends and family would tell me my outfit is really cute and I look so fashionable. This is what keeps me going; I want to share all my ideas with everyone so you can do it too. Fashion is whatever you make it. I don’t follow what others wear – I enjoy making my own style. I like being different rather than buying what I see in the magazine. Of course, I read through them but I am open to everything. My mind is always all over the place. I want to try everything, and learn new things. The sky is not the limit – you can go beyond that. Do whatever you want, go wherever your heart takes you. Don’t let others take away your sunshine, make your own footsteps in the snow and let others follow you.

In a nutshell, I love…
✧ Playing around in PhotoShop & Lightroom
✧ Creating/Designing Websites
✧ Designing (whether it be my living room or a jewelry piece)
✧ DIY Projects
✧ Painting/Drawing
✧ Renovating/Remodeling
✧ Stitching (and making my own clothes!)
✧ Boxing (@ Title Boxing Club)
✧ Dancing (HERE is a video on YouTube I uploaded!)
✧ Makeup! (I went to dressyourface makeup seminar in Chicago in 2014, and further took courses and received an International Makeup Artist Certification in 2015. I am practicing up to this day, by appointment only. )

This is just a little bit about me. Thank you for stopping by and reading!

with love,

Winter Maroon Top & Black Faux Fur Coat from Zara | Chicago, IL