The Amna Ali

Meet Amna Khan.

A Software Engineer, Style Trender, Certified Makeup Artist, DIY Enthusiast, Hobbyist Photographer, Jewelry Designer & Maker, and the Content Creator behind The Amna Ali.

The Amna Ali, My mission is to share the knowledge I have, whether it’s related to style & trends, home improvements, DIY projects that make our daily lives a little bit easier, tricks & tips about makeup and/or photography, with everyone. The Amna Ali is my little corner on the world wide web where I am able to make this happen. With my passion in designing & creating, I transformed this corner into a boutique carrying the most unique & rare bracelets, handmade by me.

So, peek around, stop for a while, leave a little love, but take a lot with you.

Traveling the World.

I am an adventure-aholic! If only that was a word! Whether it’s traveling around the world, going on a weekend getaway, or some sort of local adventure… I am in. I love trying everything! Come along with me as I discover new adventures to take on.  GO EXPLORE THE WORLD ►GO EXPLORE THE WORLD ►